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General ease of use, Intuitive nature of product both Mobile and Web basedAmazing support, Automation of our Firms Expense reporting and Reimbursement work flow. Great user experience, ease of use, convenient mobile app. All users participate in managing expense reports, not just a central administrator.

SutiExpense is a cost-effective solution that is simple to use, easy to manage, and flexible for any organization. Extremely responsive and customer service oriented. We put it in our company. The implementation and use were so easy and effective that we have now rolled it out to 7 sister companies.

I am truly impressed with SutiExpense. It is easy to use. There are multiple reports to choose from for finance. The staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to assist. I am a very satisfied SutiExpense customer. The system is easy to use, intuitive and highly customizable. Our end users are very happy with it, when we get issues, they are quick to respond.

We customized the product to our business process needs and the Suti team was quick to respond and make those changes happen. SutiSoft uses cookies on this site to ensure you get the best experience and also to improve this website better. Please read our Cookie Policy Okay, got it. Toggle navigation. Contact Us. Please fill out the quick form below. G2 Crowd. Contact Us Sales Support Partners.Know more. A solution that helps identify, collect, analyse and report data for better compliance and control on lease agreements.

Tailored finance and accounting service that brings together experts and cloud technology to meet even the most demanding business needs. The aim of our alumni network is to keep you in touch with your former colleagues and friends as well as PwC India.

Stay connected. PwC offers a diverse and exciting approach to development which puts you in the driver's seat. Driving your development and growth means that you have the opportunity to learn from your colleagues and clients around you through on-the-job experiences. Explore PwC India Careers. Our people are at the heart of our organisation and a common thread that binds them together are the PwC values. Here are some inspirational stories — of PwCites pushing boundaries, questioning the status quo, overcoming challenges, innovating, collaborating, building trust and making a difference in society.

Explore PeopleAtPwC. All rights reserved. Please see www. Featured solutions. Navigate E-invoicing Compliance made smarter with Navigate E-invoicing. Press Room. Alumni Welcome to the India alumni community of PwC. PwC India Careers PwC offers a diverse and exciting approach to development which puts you in the driver's seat. PeopleAtPwC Our people are at the heart of our organisation and a common thread that binds them together are the PwC values. Follow us. Office Worldwide. India Offices. Contact Us.Skip to Main Content.

A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Personal Sign In. For IEEE to continue sending you helpful information on our products and services, please consent to our updated Privacy Policy.

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Sign In. Access provided by: anon Sign Out. The design exploits detuning pins to enable enlarging the higher order mode-free bandwidth in an asymmetric configuration without compromising the port isolation. The design guidelines are presented for a scalable design. Moreover, the design is optimized to utilize all the single-mode operation bandwidth of the circular waveguide, covering the satellite communications band in North America i. The presented OMT features a port coupling level below dB.

The measurement results are in a very good agreement with the full-wave analysis simulations. Article :. Date of Publication: 11 August DOI: Need Help?TalentWave is the new name and identity of the combined independent workforce solution firms ICon Professional Services and Synergy.

The two businesses merged in October under the auspices of Serent Capital, which in February acquired a majority equity share in ICon.

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Talent Wave CEO Teresa Creech told us in an interview that the rebranding marks a major milestone in the integration of the two businesses and their teams as well as the launch of new strategy aligned to accelerating changes in the independent workforce solution space.

The new TalentWave brand was designed to reflect these market forces and the exciting role we play in the middle of it. New opportunities for progress in spend visibility, analysis and savings are emerging in an unlikely place: the fast-growing category of independent workers. Read our research paper to learn more. The growing independent non-employee workforce has been much discussed in recent years. On the one hand, it provides businesses with a way to address critical talent needs in a time of scarcity, as well as another path to achieving workforce flexibility.

On the other hand, these new work arrangements have been fraught with complexity. Worker classification and legal compliance challenges have now come to the forefront for businesses that are strongly motivated to tap into the independent workforce. These businesses also need a new model and channel of engagement to utilize workers that are neither employees of the business nor agency temps.

This is where a business like TalentWave comes in. Instead, the rapidly changing market requires a new kind technology-enabled work arrangement intermediary that can reduce and sometimes eliminate the complexity and challenges businesses face as they start to engage the independent workforce.

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https pwc int net nokia com

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Discuss this: Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Affordable enterprise-grade HR automation that works for you. Seamlessly integrate with your favorite applications using our APIs with one-click. Power up your business by automatically synchronizing the data with ERP solutions of your choice, eliminating the need to switch multiple applications. SutiSoft Inc. Read More. SutiSoft announces SutiDesk 3.

Corporate travel reimbursements can be frustrating for all involved. Accounts payable tasks can turn out to be time-consuming and ineffective in financial processes without automation.

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Today, many AP departments still need to key-in invoice data manually. SutiSoft uses cookies on this site to ensure you get the best experience and also to improve this website better. Please read our Cookie Policy Okay, got it. Toggle navigation. The only solution you need to manage your entire enterprise spend Learn More Watch Video. Integrations that Your Employees will Love. Trusted by Most Popular Brands. What Our Customers Say It is easy to use. There are multiple reports to choose from for finance.

The staff is very knowledgeable and always willing to assist. All users participate in managing expense reports, not just a central administrator. Extremely responsive and customer service oriented.

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The implementation and use were so easy and effective that we have now rolled it out to 7 sister companies. Cloud Software Solutions. Expense Management. End-to-end expense management with travel, credit card, and accounting system integration in a single solution. Business Travel Management. An end-to-end travel solution with comprehensive content for easy online booking and integration to your expense reports. Accounts Payable. Automated invoice matching and approval workflow solution that matches PO's, receipts, invoices, and payments.

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Leverage control over your purchasing process and automate the entire procure-to-pay cycle. Create and send invoices online and receive payments through our payment gateways.

Asset Management System. Simplify asset tracking and manage inventory with an easy-to-use cloud solution. Wireless Procurement. An end-to-end procurement solution that manages the entire wireless procurement process from requisition and order, to receiving and payment. Wireless Expense Management - Enterprise.

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A comprehensive solution that analyzes actual wireless usage against current and proposed rate plans to help seamlessly optimize your wireless costs. Proactively analyze your wireless usage and optimize your wireless costs. Human Resource. From recruitment to retirement, automate your HR processes today with integrated tools for every part of the HR cycle.Download the full report. All GDP figures are reported in market exchange rate terms. While some markets, sectors and individual businesses are more advanced than others, AI is still at a very early stage of development overall.

From a macroeconomic point of view, there are therefore opportunities for emerging markets to leapfrog more developed counterparts. View how we got our results. In this report we've drawn on the findings to create our AI Impact Index, where we look at how quickly change is coming and where your business can expect the greatest return. The areas with the biggest potential and associated timelines are designed to help your business target investment in the short- to medium-term.

AI is initially likely to be adopted as an aid, rather than replacement, for human physicians.

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This continuous interaction between human physicians and the AI-powered diagnostics will enhance the accuracy of the systems and, over time, provide enough confidence for humans to delegate the task entirely to the AI system to operate autonomously. It would be necessary to address concerns over the privacy and protection of sensitive health data.

The complexity of human biology and the need for further technological development also mean than some of the more advanced applications may take time to reach their potential and gain acceptance from patients, healthcare providers and regulators. View more. Autonomous fleets would enable travellers to access the vehicle they need at that point, rather than having to make do with what they have or pay for insurance and maintenance on a car that sits in the drive for much of the time.

Most of the necessary data is available and technology is advancing.

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However, businesses still need to win consumer trust. Technology still needs development — having an autonomous vehicle perform safely under extreme weather conditions might prove more challenging. Even if the technology is in place, it would need to gain consumer trust and regulatory acceptance.

While human financial advice is costly and time consuming, AI developments such as robo-advice have made it possible to develop customised investment solutions for mass market consumers in ways that would, until recently, only have been available to high net worth HNW clients.

Finances are managed dynamically to match goals e. The technology and data is in place, though customer acceptance would still need to increase to realise the full potential. Instead of being produced uniformly, apparels and consumables can be tailored on demand. If we look at fashion and clothing as an example, we could eventually move to fully interactive and customised design and supply in which AI created mock-ups of garments are sold online, made in small batches using automated production, and subsequent changes are made to design based on user feedback.

Adapting design and production to this more agile and tailored approach.

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Businesses also need to strengthen trust over data usage and protection. We already have personalised content recommendation within the entertainment sector.

https pwc int net nokia com

Yet there is now so much existing and newly generated e. AI offers more efficient options for classification and archiving of this huge vault of assets, paving the way for more precise targeting and increased revenue generation. Self-learning monitoring makes the manufacturing process more predictable and controllable, reducing costly delays, defects or deviation from product specifications. There is huge amount of data available right through the manufacturing process, which allows for intelligent monitoring.

Making the most of supply chain and production opportunities requires all parties to have the necessary technology and be ready to collaborate. Only the biggest and best-resourced suppliers and manufacturers are up to speed at present. Smart meters help customers tailor their energy consumption and reduce costs. Greater usage would also open up a massive source of data, which could pave the way for more customised tariffs and more efficient supply. Technological development and high investment requirements in some of the more advanced areas.This market is based on a century (as opposed to 100 runs) being scored.

Declarations will be considered the end of an innings for settlement purposes. A minimum of 50 overs must be bowled unless All Out or team declares. Otherwise bets void, unless settlement of bets is already determined. Both teams must complete their first innings for bets to stand (including declarations). Bets void if the designated number of matches are not completed. For series batsman total runs and player matches runs scored in both innings of all the matches in the series will count.

For player performance the runs scored, wickets, catches and stumpings taken in both innings of all matches in the series will count. The over must be completed for bets to stand unless result already determined. For Test matches totals are settled on the1st Innings only. Bets stand once 1 ball has been bowled in each team's 1st innings. Bets are void if the innings is forfeited.

https pwc int net nokia com

The whole match counts. Bets will stand after batsman has faced one ball or is given out before first ball is faced. Score counts if batsman is Not-Out including if innings is declared. All bets stand irrespective of delays caused by rain or for any other reason. Unless a price is quoted for a draw, in the event of a drawn match, bets will be void. If a match is abandoned due to outside interference then bets will be made void.

In the event of a tie Dead-Heat rules will apply. For any game which is abandoned or reduced via Duckworth Lewis, only the total number of runs and wickets actually registered count. For settlement purposes the official total will stand regardless of any matches being abandoned or reduced in overs. For the Player market specifically, batsmen must face at least one delivery, otherwise bets are void. Should two players score a century in the same game, for settlement purposes the winner shall be deemed the one who has reached their century first in terms of time.

If no player scores a century then bets will be void. Stakes will be returned on any player who does not participate in the tournament.

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