Human bite force vs dog

Dogs are some of the most common types of pets throughout the world. In many countries, they are even noted as being the number one household pet choice. As much as we love our canine companions, we must understand the dangers that come with raising any type of pet in our homes.

In this article, we will take a look at psi strength. PSI is the scientific method used to explain the force that a dog is able to put forth through their bites. This list documents the twelve strongest dogs based on the psi system. Did your dog make the cut? Keep reading to find out more! PSI is a unit made to calculate the pressure released upon any given point.

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PSI is a measured result of all the pressure applied over one square inch of a pound. It is a very commonly used system and is easy to understand for even some of the most scientifically challenged people. To understand this a little better, take a tire for example.

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They originated in the French city of Malines, hence the given name of the breed. This breed is recognized for its amazing sense of smell. They are commonly used as detection dogs to help detect explosives and narcotics that otherwise may go unnoticed by most human senses.

These dogs are easy to train by nature and have a very high level of intelligence. If you choose to bring one home to your family, expect them to be extremely playful and able to calmly handle your children. This breed was originally bred to become working dogs and this has stayed true to their nature over the years. Many police agencies in the world are using Malinois within their squads still today. In fact, you can find these dogs working everywhere from the United States Secret Service to the Royal Australian Air Force, they are helping to find dangerous explosives and uncover illegal drugs.

This breed is very powerful and built to be strong. They also have an impressively strong jaw. An average adult Malinois has a bite force of psi.

This means when they bite, pounds of pressure is applied to each square inch. That is more than enough to break one of your bones in one try.Log in or Sign up. Another one of my threads. As always, please feel free to make your own with your own research. This is the best I came up with, with my own research and as you know, I am very involved with animals. Please do not take these lists so seriously and just enjoy them for what they are, considering they are just meant to be a bit of fun.

Which is the pressure resulting from a force of one pound-force applied to an area of one square inch. Due to the fact, the actual force of their jaw structure and musculature would generate is not all that high.

This is because hyenas have extremely strong teeth designed perfectly for bone crushing that is integral in their biting power. They also have a mechanism in their skulls that keeps the skull strong and secure under pressure. Just for comparison, a human adult male has a measured PSI of I hope that made sense, now on to the good stuff.

Cougar Their muscular jaws and long canine teeth are adapted for cutting meat, tendon and sinews. They can crush the skulls and spines of large prey such as wolf and horse skulls. PSI: Gray Wolf Their teeth are heavy and large, better suited to bone crushing than those of other canids. Though not as specialized as hyenas. This force is sufficient to break open and crush bones with only a few bites.

Great White Shark Sharks have the strongest bite among animals in class fish. Their teeth cut through the flesh of their prey like knife threw butter. African Lion Lion has the weakest bite among big cats so far leopards bite force is not yet measured, possibly weaker.

Bite Force Comparison of Animals ll Extinct and Living

They have sharp teeth, prey is usually killed by strangulation, which can cause hypoxia. Jaguar Their teeth can pierce through the skull piercing the brain, also adapted to pierce turtle shells. Jaguars have the strongest bite compared to size among cat family. Last edited: Feb 21, TCEFeb 21, Brown Bear Bears are mostly omnivorous, they have very strong teeth, the incisors are relatively big and the canine teeth are large.

Unlike most animals in order carnivorous, their teeth are adapted for vegetable diet. Polar bears diet however mostly consists of seals. Kodiak Bear Bears are mostly omnivorous, they have very strong teeth, the incisors are relatively big and the canine teeth are large. Siberian Tiger They not only have very strong jaws but also very sharp teeth, when hunting very large prey, tigers prefer to bite the throat until the prey dies of strangulation. Tigers have the strongest bite among big cats and ranks second among carnivorous mammals.

Alligator Snapping Turtle They have the strongest bite among animals with no teeth; they are typically not prone to biting without provocation. Despite they have no teeth, their powerful jaws can easily amputate human fingers.

Bengal Tiger They not only have very strong jaws but also very sharp teeth, when hunting very large prey, tigers prefer to bite the throat until the prey dies of strangulation. Their milk contains one of the richest calcium of all land predators, from bones they eat.What Dog has the Strongest Dog Bite?

Bite Force — PSI. Dogs are one of the most loved pets in the world. Brady Barr and Joe Camp were one of the brave souls who set out to determine which canine species have the strongest bite back in Using digital bite meters, the researchers were able to measure bite force in pounds per square inch, or PSI. Results, which were featured in National Geographic, showed that larger dogs have stronger biting force than smaller ones. PSI is a unit made to calculate the pressure released upon any given point.

PSI is a measured result of all the pressure applied over one square inch of a pound.

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It is a very commonly used system and is easy to understand for even some of the most scientifically challenged people. To understand this a little better, take a tire for example. Also known as Belgian Shepherd Dog, the malinois has a force bite of pounds. These dogs are excellent for police search of explosives, narcotics, and human suspects.

They are highly trainable, energetic, and playful. Like German Shepherds, these dogs are used for police and military searches. With a dog bite force of pounds, these normally calm dogs can be dangerous if provoked. They are intelligent, independent, protective and loyal of their families. They are often used as guard dogs because of these characteristics. Pit bulls are widely regarded as one of the most dangerous dog breeds.

If properly trained and socialized, these dogs can be very loyal friends.

human bite force vs dog

Despite its weight of 75 to 85 pounds, German Shepherds have a strong biting force of pounds. This breed is highly preferred for police and military search operations because of its strength, intelligence and obedience. Well-socialized German Shepherds are very gentle, although there are some reports that indicate aggression towards smaller dogs.

These stocky, grumpy-looking dogs also have strong for bite force of pounds. Although they generally have a bad guy reputation, this breed can be fun and sociable.

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All it takes is early proper socialization. This breed of dogs is usually a pack of hunting wild dogs with a strong force bite of pounds. They are also called painted hunting dogs because of the various spots peppered in their coats. Sadly, these dogs are endangered due to poaching and habitat loss.

These police dogs bite with a force of pounds. This breed is large and muscular, usually weighing up to pounds. They are effective as police or guard dogs because of their loyalty, obedience, and fearlessness. This hybrid of a gray wolf and a dog bites with the force of pounds. The mixture of genes makes their temperament more unpredictable than other dogs, although they can also be effectively trained.

Some of them retain their wolf-like tendencies such as chewing on objects and climbing fences. The mastiff has a staggering bite force of pounds. This is one of the largest dog breeds, weighing between and pounds.Plenty of animals have big mouths filled with sharp teeth, but only one had a bite this powerful.

Imagine a great cavernous mouth, edged by hundreds of razor-sharp teeth.

human bite force vs dog

Powerful muscles work to rip flesh, crush bone and close the maw with terrific speed. Such terrifying jaws are familiar from monster movies, from Jaws to Godzilla.

But back in the real world, which animal has the worst bite of them all? It is not just a matter of having a big mouth. The bowhead whale has the largest mouth of any animal, but it does not use it to bite.

To really deliver a powerful bite, an animal needs a big mouth, lots of strong teeth, and powerful muscles. The first thing to understand is that not every animal with teeth can bite. For instance, the common garden snail has thousands of teeth on its tongue-like radula. But it uses them to scrape, not gnash, so it cannot be said to bite. The largest living [animal] using its teeth for catching its prey and tearing pieces off it is the killer whale.

Similarly, the blue whale may be the biggest animal alive, but it does not have the biggest bite. There is a simple reason: it has no teeth. Instead it has plates of baleen, a net-like structure with which it filters food from enormous gulps of sea water.

The sperm whale looks more promising, as it is the largest toothed predator on Earth.

One creature had a bite more powerful than any other

But it is another red herring. It only has teeth on its lower jaw and tends to swallow its squid diet whole. Oddities like these mean it is no simple task to find the biggest bite on Earth. According to Olivier Lambert of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, the best contender is not a whale — but it does prey on whales. Despite their name, killer whales are actually dolphins. They are also known as orcas and can grow to 31ft 9.

They have around 50 conical teeth, which they use to rip apart prey — from seals to grey whale calves. However, as any fan of nature documentaries can tell you, orcas usually hunt co-operatively to take down big prey.

That means it could be a case of many mouths make light work, and their individual bites might not be especially powerful. So maybe we want a lone predator, in which case we should take a look at the world's biggest predatory fish, the great white shark.

Famous for their blade-like teeth, which are continually replaced, these sharks certainly have one of the most feared bites on Earth. But with a jaw made of flexible cartilage rather than solid bone, is it the most powerful bite? To find out, someone had to measure the force it exerts. Measuring the bite of a predator like a great white shark might sound like a guaranteed trip to Davy Jones's Locker.

Evidently scientists agree, because a lot of tests of bite force have been conducted from the safety of a desk.Bite force is an important property of carnivore ecology because these amazing animals need to kill their prey as easily as possible, and the bite force is a vital factor in this context. Here are the top 22 most powerful bites in carnivore land mammals.

The values below are average bite forces at the canine tips and taken from the most recent and accurate research titled Bite Forces and Evolutionary Adaptations to Feeding Ecology in Carnivores by Per Christiansen and Stephen Wroe of the Ecological Society of America. The cheetah Acinonyx jubatus is a big cat in the subfamily Felinae that inhabits most of Africa and parts of Iran.

The cheetah can run as fast as Cheetahs are notable for adaptations in the paws as they are one of the few felids with only semi-retractable claws. While the cheetah can not roar but the other big cats can, the latter can not purr but the cheetah can. The domestic dog Canis lupus familiaris or Canis familiaris is a domesticated canid that has been selectively bred for millennia for various behaviors, sensory capabilities, and physical attributes.

Extensive genetic studies undertaken during the s indicate that dogs diverged from an extinct wolf-like canid in Eurasia 40, years ago. Being the oldest domesticated animal, their long association with people has allowed dogs to be uniquely attuned to human behavior, as well as thrive on a starch-rich diet which would be inadequate for other canid species.

Domestic dogs in this study include only large semi-feral or feral specimens; in this case, two Greenland dogs 2 and three dingos 3. Some authors MacDonald and Sillero-Zubiri consider the dingo to be a separate species. It is the largest of its family in Africa, and the only member of the genus Lycaon, which is distinguished from Canis by its fewer toes and dentition, which is highly specialized for a hypercarnivorous diet 4.

The snow leopard Panthera uncia is a large cat native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia. Snow leopards inhabit alpine and subalpine zones at elevations from 3, to 4, m 9, to 14, ft. In the northern range countries, they also occur at lower elevations. It is listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species because, as ofthe size of the global population was estimated at 4, adults, of which fewer than 2, individuals may reproduce in the wild.

It can reach up to 1. The gray wolf or grey wolf Canis lupusalso known as the timber wolf or western wolf is the largest extant member of its family, with males averaging 43—45 kg 95—99 lband females 36— It is a canid native to the wilderness and remote areas of North America and Eurasia. The cougar Puma concoloralso commonly known as the mountain lion, puma, panther, or catamount, is a large felid of the subfamily Felinae native to the Americas.

Although large, it is more closely related to smaller felines than to other big cats.Bite force quotient BFQ is the regression of the quotient of an animal's bite force in newtons divided by its body mass in kilograms. Table sources unless otherwise stated : [2] [3] [4] [5].

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The Top 20 World's Strongest Animal Bite Forces, Measured in PSI (NEW!)

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This standards - or measurement -related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. This zoology —related article is a stub.This is particularly of course not about its friendly licking or leaping but of its bite force. It is the strength inflicted by a dog to its victim. Of course the more pressure it has, the more damage or injury it will cause to someone or something.

It is one of the important characteristics of the German Shepherd bite. The most common measurement of dog bite force is psi pound per sq. The use of psi is for the calculation of the pressure exerted upon a given point. It is the method used to determine the force that a dog can put forth through its bites and it is a measured outcome of all the pressure released over a square inch of a pound. The next topic of this article will particularly discuss the bite force of German Shepherd in psi or in kg.

The German Shepherd bite force is so strong which can break a bone of a human. The German Shepherd belongs to the top five breeds with the strongest jaw. It is also one of the breeds of dogs which has been reported to be dangerous through fatal attacks on humans mostly because they were uncontrolled by their owners. More articles about German Shepherd bite mentioned that German Shepherds are listed as one of the most deadly and dangerous when it comes to dog bites and attacks.

German shepherds was second highest which had caused deaths inparticularly, inflicting 4 deaths. Some of these injuries include tendon, muscle and nerve damages, disfigurement, scars and puncture wounds and lacerations. German Shepherd bite force ranked 12 th in the top 20 dogs with the Strongest Bite while Kangal ranked 1 st with psi.

However, it was also reported that German Shepherd is 3 rd out of 10 most dangerous and aggressive dog breeds. In the United States, most of the fatal attacks were reported to be coming from German Shepherds which is third rank among the most dangerous dogs.

human bite force vs dog

German Shepherd Bite Force is a dangerous characteristic of this breed. Although this may be useful for military and law enforcement operations but owners and breeders must be so cautious in handling this kind of dog. The best way to prevent possible harmful encounters with a German Shepherd natural aggression is to have proper training, be knowledgeable about dog etiquettes and awareness about the causes and effects of the German Shepherd bite.

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Top 23 Dogs with the Strongest Bite

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